Healthy Lifestyle Interventions

There are so many small actions we can take to help fuel overall wellness.  It is not a case of all or nothing, make a commitment to making small, achievable changes that become a part of your lifestyle.  Sometimes we just need a gentle reminder….

  • Minimise or avoid intake of alcohol, caffeine (especially after 3pm) and processed foods
  • Reduce intake of dairy and sugar
  • Eat a wholesome diet through the day and finish with a light meal between 6-7pm, focus on micronutrient dense foods with a a rainbow-coloured diet; the colours provide the bioflavonoids so important for immunity .
  • Incorporate adequate amount of fibre throughout the day to prevent oestrogen recycling specifically for women’s health.
  • Maintain high sleep hygiene consisting of:
    • Eating dinner 3-4 hours before bedtime
    • Sleep before 10pm, the maximum melatonin production occurs between 10pm-2am
    • Avoid blue light exposure after 7pm
    • Warm to cool shower before bed
    • Wear cotton – avoid wearing synthetic materials to sleep
    • Consider room temperature to be ideally set around 18-19 degrees
    • A hot cacao drink before bed can help calm the mind and body into a relaxed zone.
  • Breathing leads to increase oxygenation of the peripheral tissues with greater efficiency.  Pranayama breathing exercises twice a day for 2-3 minutes reduces the sympathetic drive
  • Meditation to increase innate immunity and curb the harmful effects of stress
  • Exercising daily 30 minutes of vigorous exercise challenging your body to do better each day.

Most importantly compare yourself only, the You today to the You yesterday.