Food Heals

Every cell needs energy to live and thrive that is achieved from the combination of balanced nutrition from food as well as proper oxygenation.

No wonder in a functional medicine practice it makes sense to consider Food as a foundation for health.  A compromise with food choices and habits will result in poor health outcomes either in the short or certainly in the long term.  The seemingly simple notion of eating food and enjoying life appears to be one of the most challenging aspects we face.   There are a myriad of eating choices and diets whether they be plant-based, vegan or carnivorous for that matter. This advice though well-meaning rarely transfers to useful results for personal health goals or treatment of illness.

Our current lifestyles are time poor with self-created habits and poor routines that fail to place enough importance on vital things in life like achieving health.  Less-than-optimal diets or experimenting with diets can result in altered poor cell function which can trigger the initiation and manifestation of disease.   Routinely, this disease is then diagnosed and treated but the cause that led to the failure is often lost in the process.

It has only been in the last century that we have gained easy 24/7 access to foods plus several of these are “industry- made”.   The abundance of convenience foods makes poor choices easier and vastly increases the total lifetime calories consumed from these sources.    Coupled with our busy lifestyles, this creates diseases of the heart, cancer, autoimmune illness, mental health and gut related illnesses amongst others.  Over time, other priorities have managed to consume our time rather than enjoying life’s simple pleasures – like relishing the taste of food and the satisfaction of making nutritious wholesome meals.  Let us take a moment to think:

  • When was the last time you planned the food routine for the day/s ahead and shopped specifically with that in mind?
  • How often did you take time to mindfully eat – that is to chew, taste and enjoy the food for at least 30 minutes?
  • How often was mealtimes shared in the company of family and friends rather than watching a screen or looking at a phone?

All this is crucial as a starting point before even making the right food choices.   We pose you a challenge – why not take the time to reflect on the above three questions and see if you can make small incremental changes for the better in the coming days.

Healthy food choices and routines do not have to be boring or restrictive and we can help you achieve the right balance.

Advice from FMDR is always tailored to your specific needs and we don’t have a golden diet we recommend.  We do endorse a diet that decreases inflammation and insulin resistance in line with current research which may constitute some or all of these:

  • Modified Mediterranean style focussing on Longevity and Health
  • Low Glycaemic (sugar) and Carbohydrate Balancing
  • Balanced quality Fats
  • Diet rich in condition specific Phytonutrients with both soluble and insoluble fibres.
  • Calorie Restriction and Time Related Fasting Routines

In summary, food is the cornerstone of all Health or Return to Health as needed during your visit to FMDR.

We aim to understand the individual functional needs for health and vitality and don’t offer a one-size-fits all approach.  Only after full evaluation and testing if needed, we offer a structured and supportive plan with a team of doctors, nutritionist and psychologist as needed to help you achieve your health goals.