Boosting your immune health during these trying times

We trust this finds you and your loved ones safe and prepared during this unprecedented time in history.

Covid-19 is an RNA-type of virus. Although there are reports of vaccines and other various anti-viral medications that may be helpful; some basic facts remain unchanged. There are measures that can be implemented straightaway to protect and build your immune system.

The guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health are clear and extremely useful to prevent the spread of the virus and keeping yourselves safe.

Whilst there is a lot of widespread fear and panic of factors that are beyond your control, let’s focus energies on steps that you can undertake to boost your immune health.  This is something you can control and will help you respond to these uncertain times with a definite plan.

  1. Reduce your stress.
    Stress weakens your immune system, so simple things like turning off the 24hr news networks, reducing phone and social media time.  Instead opt for a walk in open spaces or play with your kids or pets.
  2. Move your body.
    Exercise is a simple way to boost your defence system. Just 30 mins a day of walking, cycling or doing stretches/yoga will make a huge difference.
  3. Sleep better and longer.
    You need 7-9hrs of sleep at night, starting from about 10pm (well before midnight). Practise good sleep hygiene like eating early in the evening followed by 2-3 hrs of wind-down time without television, computers and cell phones. Listen to relaxing music and spend time with family.
  4. Fuel your body with the right food
    Focus on a ‘rainbow’ diet – variety is the key. This consists of several colourful fruits and vegetables that are full of antioxidants.  This provides very useful fibre for your gastrointestinal system to be able to make healthy colonies of bacteria (micro biome) which help guard against free radicals that harm your cells.   Frozen wholefoods might be an option for times when fresh food is difficult to store.  Cut back on alcohol, sugar and it is obviously a good time to stop smoking and eating junk food. Make a commitment to building long-term lifestyle habits.
  5. Key nutrients to improve immunity.
    These nutrients may not kill ‘the virus’ but they can give a good boost to your immune system which can reduce your risk of catching the virus or help in reducing the severity and duration of sickness if you do contract it. Some of the key nutrients include:
  • Vitamin C with bioflavonoids. 2 capsules three times a day, building up gastric tolerance slowly. Liposomal vitamin C is another good option.
  • Zinc 30mg – opt for a micro-encapsulated zinc formulation to enhance absorption and availability of zinc.
  • Vitamin D is a known important immune modulator.  Adequate levels should be maintained between 60-80 and can be safely maintained in the short term without testing by taking 5000 units on a daily basis. An option to use vitamin D drops (500 units per drop) would be 10 drops daily – short term.
  • A high quality multivitamin/mineral combined with potent antioxidants and phytonutrients.
  • Immune modulating herbs like astralagus, mushrooms extracts, beta-glucans to help maintain healthy natural killer cell function and promote healthy cytokine levels in the body.
  • Highly absorbable liposomal glutathione preparation which can be taken 5mls daily and is a recommended antioxidant which works within the cell. This is extremely important especially in cases where exposure to toxins and heavy metals may be present. At this point I would like to also point out the hidden dangers in personal care products, cleaners and cosmetics which contribute greatly to poor cellular function and health in the long run.
  • Aged Garlic active complex helps as an antioxidant and also assists in keeping the blood thin.

Most of the above nutrients should generally be safe to take at least in the short-term and not all the listed nutrients may be needed in all cases.

Being practitioner-grade supplements, you will need these products authorised by Dr Kamal or Avani Karl if you wish to order from our usual NZ supplier.  Please call Joy at front-desk who can help arrange a script or make an appointment to discuss your individual needs prior to ordering.  Of course if you prefer, you are welcome to source these yourselves via online stores. Please note, some products may be in short supply or expect a delay due to the current high demand. 

There is definitely no need to panic but instead treat this as a good time to reflect on your own lifestyle which can often be very busy at the cost of your own personal health.

Finally remember to stay positive and happy, take time to laugh and look after each other during this period.

Yours in health,
Drs Kamal & Avani Karl